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Deep Tissue Massage

Massage focused on specific muscle groups to help aid in mobility, tension release or movement. Needs more communication throughout session to achieve goals. 


Relaxation Massage

Massage focused on slowing down or deregulating our nervous system to allow our bodies to go back to homeostasis. Long, smooth strokes based for relaxation over working tight areas out. Can be firmer pressure.


Thai Massage

One of the most effective ways to open your body, gain joint mobility and release tension held within overused muscles. Super effective at releasing stress and deregulating the nervous system.

$150 / 90 minute session

Hot Stone Massage

By enhancing blood flow, a Hot Stone Massage helps to relieve muscle stiffness, reduce inflammation, and ease chronic pain. 


Cupping Services

Cupping has been used for years to help the body heal itself. Added to a deep tissue massage, Cupping can be a very helpful tool in aiding recovery.

*offered with any other massage service*


Enjoy a restorative yoga class while licensed massage therapists offer therapeutic massage in each pose offering a deeper sense of openings and a bigger release of tightness in each muscle group. A guided meditation accompanies this for an ultimate experience.

What Makes Blu Rain Different?

21+ Years of Experience

Our massage specialists are constantly honing their craft, and learning new techniques and methods to provide the best possible massage therapy to our clients.

Family Owned & Operated

Blu Rain Massage is a family owned & operated massage company located in North Phoenix, AZ. Our team

Continued Education

Sheila & Anton are constantly learning new techniques, upgrading equipment, and honing their skills to provide the best massage possible.

Meet Your Certified Massage Specialists

Sheila Loos

Sheila has been a Licensed massage therapist for the past 15 years, graduating from the Chicago school of massage Therapy. in 2019, Sheila moved to Arizona to explore the desert and live a more adventurous life! When she is not giving massages you can find her hiking with her dog & husband,  or camping and kayaking.

Sheila has extensive training in both table and Thai massage so she uses body movement (stretching and joint mobilization) in her sessions. Sheila gears each massage towards your goals so if you’re looking to relax, reduce tension in overused muscles or gain mobility; Sheila can help!
Sheila looks forward to meeting you and helping you on your wellness journey!

Anton Loos

Anton has been a Thai practitioner for the past 7 years. He initially learned the bodywork of Thai massage in Colorado from the Thai institute and practiced traditional Thai massage for a couple of years. After realizing that most of us cannot comfortably get into the poses of Traditional Thai massage he searched for an alternative. That is when he found Chuck Duff from the Coaching the Body. Here is where he learned the clinical side of Thai massage and has been very successful at helping his clients feel better and move freer!

Anton is dedicated and passionate about helping you reach your own goals and looks forward to meeting you on the mat! He is currently undergoing his 200 hours of Yoga teacher training.

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