YoMassage in North Phoenix

Try a new and relaxing mind & body relaxation experience at Blu Rain Massage

A Blissful Mind & Body Massage Experience

YoMassage is not like any other massage you’ve ever experienced before in your life. YoMassage is a revolutionary massage experience that takes influence from several effective Yoga positions, meditation techniques and other schools of massage that allow you to sink into a deeper state of bliss. 

What Makes YoMassage Different?

Guided Meditation

During your YoMassage session, your massage specialist will guide you through a meditation that allows you to go deeper into your relaxation, and help you empty your mind. This will enable you to feel more rested, and relaxed.

An Ultimate Mind & Body Relaxation Like No Other

YoMassage combines Meditation, Massage, and restorative Yoga and blends it into a semi-private massage tension relieving session.

An Unforgettable Combination That Delivers Tranqulity

YoMassage includes Meditation, Yoga, and traditional massage techniques in order to provide a unique relaxation experience that you can't find anywhere else. It is a true Complete Self-Care Package that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and refreshed to tackle your day-to-day.

Treat Yourself to a World-Class Mind & Body Rejuvenation Today

Frequently Asked Questions About YoMassage

YoMassage sessions start at 45 minutes, and can go as long as 120 minutes depending on the class or session. Throughout your session, you will experience a guided meditation, modified yoga, and a massage to help your worries melt away.

Yes! BluRain Massage does offer private YoMassage sessions. Please contact our team in order to learn more.

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